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​​​​We design, build & operate smart hybrid power systems

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Hybrid Power Systems for Off-Grid Application

​​Hybrid power systems allow existing diesel gensets to run at peak efficiency that then switches over to battery mode to provide power once fully charged. Renewable generation provides additional charge to the battery bank, further reducing the requirement for the diesel generator.

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Our Services

We design, build and operate bespoke hybrid power systems which are optimised for each customers specific requirements to maximise our impact!

We work with customers during the design phase to specify the optimal system that will maximise your return on investment. We model the results so you can see exactly what you are getting. We will then build the system and deliver it to you.

Once commissioned we will monitor the system using our cloud based systems - all system data can be provided for further analysis and compared to initial modelling in the design phase.

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About us

We're a team of engineers who specialise in renewable and hybrid solutions.

Our team is passionate about sustainable energy and determined to make a positive impact on the environment.

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