Operating Principles of our Hybrid Power Systems

• The electrical load is usually a fraction of generator capacity.

• Excess generator capacity is used to charge the battery system.

• Electricity for appliances is provided from the battery system.

• The system is fully automated between generator and battery controls.


Less Fuel Usage

Less Fuel Usage

Reduced Mantenece

Reduced Maintenance

Automatic Operation

Automatic Operation

Lower Emissions

Lower Emissions

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring & Control

Who it’s for

Hybrid power systems can be used as a sustainable alternative to a diesel generator in any application

Sustainable vessels Cork Ireland


​​Emission reduction & sustainability is a key goal for all major ports. Our goal is to sustainably integrate environmentally friendly methods of port activities, operations, and management to create better outcomes for our environment.

Sustainable ports

Vessel Owners

​​Maintenance of diesel generators is expensive and must be performed regularly. Our sustainable hybrid power system substantially reduces the running hours of the diesel generator, drastically decreasing the cost of maintenance.

Marine Ireland


​​Fish farms need power for essential equipment such as pumps & compressors. Hybrid power systems reduce cost & emissions resulting in increased competitiveness & higher standards in environmental management, food safety & quality.

Hybrid event Ireland


​​Diesel generators run inefficiently for hours on end at events, which has negative impact on our environment. Our hybrid systems provide 100% renewable power for these events eliminating any negative impact on the environment.

50kWh Mobile Hybrid Power System

The mobile hybrid power system that is comprised of battery technology, and solar panel array in a mobile road legal trailer. The system can be used to provide clean and reliable power in any applications that currently rely on the use of a diesel generator as their sole source of power.

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Hybrid power system Cork


Our innovative technology can result in the following positive impacts:

  • Up to 80% Saving of generator running hours significantly extending equipment life thereby supporting the circular economy.

  • Up to 30% Saving of in port fuel usage, reducing operational costs and increasing competitive advantage.

  • 7.3 million tonnes Potential C02 offset per year – almost 40% of current in port emissions.

  • Enhancement of energy security by utilising renewable resources in place of imported fossil fuels.

The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. We are proud to contribute to the following SDG's.