The Batt-mobile is a project Daretech have been working on recently to demonstrate to the wider community there is an alternative to diesel generators.  The idea for the batt-mobile came about in 2019 when Darren attended a Climate Emergency Protest in Merrion Square, the heart of Dublin City. On arrival it was surprising to see that the event was being powered by a diesel generator!  

It was clear at that point there were no low carbon alternatives available for event power that did not have access to grid electricity. Darren was determined to demonstrate that a low carbon, zero emission solution was possible and the idea to put a hybrid power system in a mobile trailer was born.

He spent Christmas break working on ideas, how it would work and the early stages of the design. While explaining the idea to a friend over Christmas, the project was named the Batt-Mobile! The Batt-mobile was built during 2020 and is ready to roll in 2021!

The Early Stages

The Result